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  1. Wealthy investor leads
  2. Oil and gas investor list
  3. Private placement investor leads
  4. Real estate investors
  5. Opportunity seekers
  6. Small business owner leads
  7. Receivers of interests, dividends & rental income

Partial list of our customers

Pequot Capital Management
Starwood Hotels Resorts
Lone Pine Capital
Marriott International
Coach Inc.
Tiffany Co.
Renaissance Investors
Perella Weinberg Partners
Merrill Lynch Wealthy Management
Legg Mason
Bridgewater Associates Inc
Carnival Corp.
Mercedes Benz
JPMorgan Chase
Wells Fargo
Kideral International
Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
MetLife Inc.
Cerberus Capital Management
Norwegian Cruise Line
JD Capital Management
T. Rowe Price Group
Piper Jaffray
U.S. Bancorp
Louis Vuitton LVMH
Barclays Capital
Icahn & Co.
York Capital Management
SAB Capital Management
Fairfield Greenwich Advisors
Citadel Investment Group
Goldman Sachs
Allstate Insurance
Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.
SAC Capital Advisors
Fidelity Investments
Thomas H. Lee Partners
Hugo Boss
D. E. Shaw and Company
Genworth Financial Inc.
PNC Financial Services

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    "Our leads are fresh and FTC compliant, which means that they have all been scrubbed against the FTC national do-not-call lists."


    Leads and Lists

    Wealthy investor leads
    Oil and gas investors
    Real estate investor leads
    Opportunity seekers
    Private Placement Investor Leads
    Receivers of interests, dividends and rental income
    Small business owners

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